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Bird Hospitality – Bird Pansion

Avra farm provides an ideal hospitality pansion for birds (bird pansion) with an operation license issued by the Veterinary Service of State in which the rules and regulations for the operation of the animal hotel are in accordance with Greek and European specifications.

Birds that are brought to our facility for hospitality vary in size and species. Birds range from small sized birds, such as canaries, to bigger ones such as exotic birds (which are most common), pigeons and parrots.

Bird Hospitality Wings

Our bird hospitality wing is fully equipped with air-conditioning, bright and airy spaces and security windows.

Bird Hospitality Apartments

Our bird guests are cleaned up after on a daily basis. We also offer a wide variety of bird food for you to choose from. Meals are arranged according to the owners wishes.

Hygiene & Safety

We strictly follow all the hygiene guidelines and provide all the necessary disinfection in our areas of hospitality.

All our bird areas are literally cleaned all the time during the day.

Our facilities are visited by our trusted vet on a daily basis. If in any case there is cause for concern for your feathered friend’s health, we inform both you and your bird’s vet immediately.

Our facilities are enclosed with a 2.20 meter high wall. The inner part of the property consists of 380 trees. Olive, walnut, cherry, apple, pear and peach trees complement our property.

Our property is guarded 24 hours a day by our security staff and trained German Shepherds.

Specialized Staff

Our staff is chosen with strict criteria. Great emphasis is given on love, respect and consistency and behavior towards animals.

At our bird pansion, Avra Farm provides experienced associates who permanently live on our premises in order to be able to always keep an eye on the health and behavior of the animals 24 hours a day. This also ensures familiarity between animals and staff. Personal relationships form between staff and animal, thus making it a lot easier for tender interaction.

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